What is the Right SEO Strategy in 2011?

What is right SEO strategy these days?  And what about all that “Social Media” stuff I keep hearing about… how does that come into play?

Basically, in 2011, “what 3 things should be included in your 2011 SEO strategy”.   This question was answered by Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team at Google.  If anyone know, Matt knows.

What are the 3 things should be included?  He really gives more than 3 things, but to summarize:

  1. Optimizing for speed.  Users like fast loading pages.  Minifying java script, etc. can help.
  2. On-site SEO with the Content Management System and internal linking within the website.  A CMS is really only needed for large websites constantly publishing lots of new content.
  3. Social Media Marketing.

In his own words:


Social Media can be a missing link to any SEO strategy.  Come again?  Social Media is part of SEO?  In 2010, Google began indexing how many times sites are “Liked”, “Dugg”, tweeted, etc., which now makes Social Media part of the linking strategy for any website owner.

The problem is how to effectively use Social Media.  It can be very confusing, extremely time consuming and entirely ineffective approached in the wrong way.  However proper content syndication can eliminate the barriers to success.

The combination of Social Media and SEO is what we call Advanced Integrated Marketing.  It’s a powerful combination proven to increase rankings for more visitors, more customers and more revenue for your business.


How Social Media Provides Exposure To New Prospects

Social MarketingSocial Marketing consists of utilizing social neworks like Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, Twitter, YouTube, and Hubpages.  Social marketing is not as simple as making an account in a social network such as Facebook or Twitter.  You can not just simply put your business in these social networks and expect to have loads of traffic.  There are also rules and guidelines you need to take into consideration, so a social marketing expert is recommended to maximize your results from social marketing.

Although they offer an open and accepting social community, social networks also impose certain limitations on commercial advertisements and direct marketing.  Failure to adhere to these rules and limitations against spam may lead to the closure of your site.  So if you want to establish your business on these sites, you definitely need the help of an expert.

Using videos and other audiovisual media to can be effective ways generate traffic to your site, especially if you maximize YouTube, one of the biggest social media sources.   Through YouTube, you can provide potential customers and current clients with more information about your business through RSS feeds and links to blogs or news.  You can ask your social marketing specialist or agency to upload videos of your business in YouTube.  The wide reach of YouTube can be highly advantageous for your business.  YouTube can be a source of website traffic on autopilot.

If you are not comfortable talking on camera to make a vidoe, creating a Powerpoint presentation with your commentary can be a very effective video.  Or you can use pictures and text with music in the background to convey your message.  Both methods can be accomplished using a program that is already on nearly every PC, it’s called MovieMaker.  Just launch Moviemaker, import your pictures, add your text and upload to YouTube.  From there, you can add background music.

You can also tap Twitter users with a stable following to help you gain a large amount of traffic to your business.  People can tweet about your products or services and their followers will receive the information, usually with a link to your site.

What makes social networks so efficient is they do not cost you any amount at all.  However, it can be a time consuming task.  As business owners who have tons of papers to read and sign and whose schedules are full from morning to evening managing the business and employees, time is certainly a luxury most business owners do not enjoy.   On that dilemma, RedHotRankings.com is the trusted Atlanta SEO specialist and we are here get you to the top of Google.  RedHotRankings.com is an expert not only in terms of advertising through social networking sites but in all web marketing areas.

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