Google Over-optimization Penalty!

Recently, Google identified a number of blogger network sites that existed purely to build links to websites. Google targeted one of the larger blogger networks called “Build My Rank”—the site was de-indexed, along with an overwhelming majority of its posts. Businesses that were over-reliant on the links from Build My Rank (and other blog networks that may be facing de-indexing) saw a significant drop in rankings.
Businesses that used Build My Rank but also acquired links from a variety of other sources fared much better. The more you diversify, the less impact a Google update will have on your rankings. We have always stressed that SEO and marketing overall needs diversification. Links should come from as many different sources as possible and be relevant. Diversity coupled with relevant and useful content is what builds value. 

Maybe you’ve heard rumors about the impending Google “Over-optimization” Penalty? Google’s concern is that sites with great content and little or no SEO are up against sites with lesser quality content, but have done a better job with SEO. The penalty for over-optimization is designed to “level the playing field.” Again, great content (i.e., relevant and useful) and backlink diversification is key!.
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