How Social Media Provides Exposure To New Prospects

Social MarketingSocial Marketing consists of utilizing social neworks like Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, Twitter, YouTube, and Hubpages.  Social marketing is not as simple as making an account in a social network such as Facebook or Twitter.  You can not just simply put your business in these social networks and expect to have loads of traffic.  There are also rules and guidelines you need to take into consideration, so a social marketing expert is recommended to maximize your results from social marketing.

Although they offer an open and accepting social community, social networks also impose certain limitations on commercial advertisements and direct marketing.  Failure to adhere to these rules and limitations against spam may lead to the closure of your site.  So if you want to establish your business on these sites, you definitely need the help of an expert.

Using videos and other audiovisual media to can be effective ways generate traffic to your site, especially if you maximize YouTube, one of the biggest social media sources.   Through YouTube, you can provide potential customers and current clients with more information about your business through RSS feeds and links to blogs or news.  You can ask your social marketing specialist or agency to upload videos of your business in YouTube.  The wide reach of YouTube can be highly advantageous for your business.  YouTube can be a source of website traffic on autopilot.

If you are not comfortable talking on camera to make a vidoe, creating a Powerpoint presentation with your commentary can be a very effective video.  Or you can use pictures and text with music in the background to convey your message.  Both methods can be accomplished using a program that is already on nearly every PC, it’s called MovieMaker.  Just launch Moviemaker, import your pictures, add your text and upload to YouTube.  From there, you can add background music.

You can also tap Twitter users with a stable following to help you gain a large amount of traffic to your business.  People can tweet about your products or services and their followers will receive the information, usually with a link to your site.

What makes social networks so efficient is they do not cost you any amount at all.  However, it can be a time consuming task.  As business owners who have tons of papers to read and sign and whose schedules are full from morning to evening managing the business and employees, time is certainly a luxury most business owners do not enjoy.   On that dilemma, is the trusted Atlanta SEO specialist and we are here get you to the top of Google. is an expert not only in terms of advertising through social networking sites but in all web marketing areas.

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List Building and E-Mail Marketing Essential To Your Business

email marketingMost people think that the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 ended the ability of unscrupulous marketers from selling your email address to thousands of other businesses and clogging up your email server with unwanted email pitches for Viagra and every online multi level marketing business you can imagine. With the advent of social networking and business networking sites and the explosion of people using these sites daily, the ability to build an email list for your prospective newsletter is a much easier than you think.

From a professional stand point you will want to build an email list the proper and ethical way by using an Opt In system on your website.  If you are creating content that your potential customers would be interested in via newsletter, blog or regular articles you can offer a free newsletter subscriptions to anyone who signs up with their email.  Always try to make additional offers and incentives for people to sign up, however make sure you assure them that their email address will be protected and not sold to third parties.

Make your newsletter sign up stand out on your home page with graphics and colors to help draw the reader’s eye to the sign up area. Placing a newsletter sign up graphic on every page is another way to maximize building your email list. Something to consider is to always want to offer your newsletter in either HTML or text format as some people like the look of text versus HTML depending on when they became computer literate.

It is also important to let the reader know why he/she should sign up, you should even offer something for free like a white paper on your subject matter, a one time discount on product or services for signing up or even a drawing for an MP3 player or something in that nature.  There are also manual ways to build your email list.  If your business takes you to trade shows or you sell products to the public in a store front you can ask people to sign up for the newsletter or company rewards program when they check out.  You can even offer a raffle at the trade show where they have to include their name and email to qualify for a chance to win a prize that is drawn at the end of the show.

Make use of your imagination when using hard copy methods to build your email list. Email addresses gathered from most trade shows are not as effective as those gathered online.

Social Media: How To Use The “New Buzz” In Your Business Today

Social Media BuzzSocial Network Marketing is the new buzzword for marketing professionals and companies trying to cash in on the mobile professionals who use the various social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. They are trying to push the products and services of those professionals onto those particular sites. For you, as a business owner, to try and create the buzz on your company via Twitter could take several months as you learn the ins and outs of gaining followers and getting them to gain additional followers for you that actually notice your “Tweets”.

Social network marketing has to be much more subtle and entertaining than any traditional marketing plan. Social network marketing is a completely different kind of environment than traditional product marketing. If you don’t speak the language of Twitter and other social networking sites using a social marketing agency or a web marketing agency with social networking experience to handle your program will be a great benefit for you. They can provide excellent results in a relatively short period of time. The members of most social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are not interested in regular commercial pitches via “Tweets”.

There is a new division of Salton – the makers of George Foreman grills, Applica Consumer Products that has produced a filter water bottle for the general public under the brand name of Clear2Go.  This bottle has a filter that is good for up to one hundred gallons before changing.  This will keep as many as 757 plastic water bottles out of landfills.  To get the word out they have set up social networking sites on Facebook and MySpace and are using Twitter in a very interesting way.

Lance Armstrong, of Tour de France fame, endorses both the Clear2Go filter water bottle and the Clear2o filter pitchers.  Applica is running a “Win a Ride With Lance” promotion to drive even more awareness with the public.  Lance has almost one and a half million followers on Twitter and unlike most people with many followers they actually take the time to check his Tweets out on a regular basis.  Applica’s social marketing agency has set it up so that Lance will Tweet on the opening of the promotion and on the day it opens on Facebook as well.  In a recent Tweet from Lance he posted that he was going to ride at 5:30 pm at a local park in Dublin, Ireland the next day.

Over 1000 people showed up to ride with Lance and the police blocked the park off so that more wouldn’t come.  He rode for two hours, signed autographs and had many pictures taken while riding.  If you can get a social marketing agency to use Twitter and Facebook to this extent imagine the revenue your social marketing campaign can generate.

Does Search Engine Optimization Really Work?

SEO ResultsSearch Engine Optimization can attain the results you want, but it must be understood and directed accurately. Increasingyour search rankings for your business can really pay off with the assistance of a Search Engine Optimization Agency. Do not believe any offers that claim they can get you placed at the top of a search engine, as this is nearly impossible. With the use of key word optimization and the many services that your Search Engine Optimization Agency provides, you can increase the number of viewers that see your business online, as well as the products and services you offer.

Without strong knowledge of web development or coding, it is very difficult to reach your goals. This is why counting on a company with Search Engine Optimization expertise will be very beneficial for your business. There are many marketing companies online that will suggest the use of their wide range of services, such as business blogs, a subscription service to help add to your email list and many more services to bring more traffic to your website.

When a person is searching for a service or product online, the words they use, which are called key words, are found by small automated programs called spiders. An example of this process would be if you are searching for a pool installation company, and type in pool all by itself, the number of results will be so large that it will be very difficult to find what you are looking for. If you type in the entire line, pool installation company, the list will be more directed towards what you are looking for.

A Search Engine Optimization Agency will use their programs to ensure that the content of your company site is located by these spiders to transport you up on the search engine results. This will move you ahead of a company like yours who does not use Search Engine Optimization.  The farther you are up in the results, the more people will click on your site, and you will gain more business.  The first of the 3 levels of search engine optimization is a system which is automated that transfers to numerous sites. This actually provides few good results for you.

Another way to generate results is to use doorway pages. Although this can possibly provide good results, search engines will most likely cancel your rankings within a couple months. The best way is also the most pricy way, and it is done by analyzing your website’s content in order to optimize it for search engine results and to provide specific key words for your content, which will increase search engine rankings. This will increase your web traffic and amount of customers, with the help of your Search Engine Optimization Agency.

Article Marketing? How Can That Help My Business?

Article MarketingArticle Marketing Services refers to using a third party to prepare the content for your website.  It is extremely important to find a company that can offer you well written articles on the subjects that are important to helping drive traffic to your website.  If you have a site that offers plumbing services you want a company that understands the difference between re-piping and bathroom remodeling and the difference between maintenance and new installs.

There are several key areas that need to be addressed and to keep in mind when deciding on a company to hire for article marketing services.  You will need to ask them for samples in your particular industry or if they have not written much in your industry of expertise, they should at least offer you samples of similar industries or complexity.  A good article marketing service will have a multitude of free reprint articles for the any consumer to use as they please.

Providing new content to a website is an easy way to attract new customer’s to your website and keep them on your pages longer.  If you have ever wanted to add a blog to your site, offer a newsletter or augment your product and service offerings, working with an article marketing expert is the best first step you can make.  You can add articles as content directly to your website, as an addition to your blog or even in the form of a newsletter that you send out weekly or monthly with specials to bring your email subscribers back to the site to spend more money.

By adding additional content to your website with key words designed to help you get your website noticed you can move your site up in the rankings on all major search engines.  Making sure that the content you are purchasing is original is a key to your success.  Any articles you purchase should be able to pass through any of the plagiarism checking services online like Copyscape.  Ask your article marketing expert how their content is checked for originality.

Another consideration is originality and the style of writing.  The writing style should be easy enough for the average reader to get through without many technical terms that need to be explained.  Originality speaks to the plagiarism mentioned in the previous paragraph, but is also very important that the articles do not sound the same every week.