SEO for Atlanta Businesses

Google homepageSEO for Atlanta businesses is about getting to the top of the search engines.  A top spot in Google for the right keywords can dramatically improve the bottom line of just about any business.

Let me ask you a quick question:  How many times have you spoken to someone, and may be this has happened to you, and they’ve spent money on their website and it just hasn’t done anything for them? Many business owners are underwhelmed by the return on their investment.

To be honest with you, you’re not alone.  I run into a lot people who are doing their business plan and are putting together their website and think that their website is the “end all be all” of their online marketing.  What we do at  is work with business owners who are looking to get more visitors, generate more revenue and impact their bottom line.

I was recently discussing this with a client.  He had used a lead source that sent leads to him and three of his competitors.  If you run a serviceAtlanta leads
company you may have tried this, too.  His success depended on whether he was the first to call, and then it was about how many times he had to keep calling to connect with the prospect.  With a low success rate, he was looking for a better source of leads.

With SEO by, his Atlanta based business is now #1 in Google for his primary keyword and in one of the top three spots in Google for several other high traffic keywords.  Now he gets a fresh batch of leads calling him directly every day.  His success rate in closing the business is much higher, close to 100% in fact.  If he can speak to prospect directly on the phone, he can usually get the business, which is what quite a few business owners tell me.

Google Places AtlantaAnother huge benefit to his business is that most clients are much closer to his business because of his highly effective listing in Google Places from Instead of driving all over Atlanta, most customers are now within about a 15 mile radius. Wear and tear on his service vehicles has been reduced and the money saved on gas alone pays for his monthly SEO service.

If you are throwing good money after bad with ineffective marketing, contact us today at 678-520-9925 for a free website review and get the leads that will improve your bottom line.