List Building and E-Mail Marketing Essential To Your Business

email marketingMost people think that the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 ended the ability of unscrupulous marketers from selling your email address to thousands of other businesses and clogging up your email server with unwanted email pitches for Viagra and every online multi level marketing business you can imagine. With the advent of social networking and business networking sites and the explosion of people using these sites daily, the ability to build an email list for your prospective newsletter is a much easier than you think.

From a professional stand point you will want to build an email list the proper and ethical way by using an Opt In system on your website.  If you are creating content that your potential customers would be interested in via newsletter, blog or regular articles you can offer a free newsletter subscriptions to anyone who signs up with their email.  Always try to make additional offers and incentives for people to sign up, however make sure you assure them that their email address will be protected and not sold to third parties.

Make your newsletter sign up stand out on your home page with graphics and colors to help draw the reader’s eye to the sign up area. Placing a newsletter sign up graphic on every page is another way to maximize building your email list. Something to consider is to always want to offer your newsletter in either HTML or text format as some people like the look of text versus HTML depending on when they became computer literate.

It is also important to let the reader know why he/she should sign up, you should even offer something for free like a white paper on your subject matter, a one time discount on product or services for signing up or even a drawing for an MP3 player or something in that nature.  There are also manual ways to build your email list.  If your business takes you to trade shows or you sell products to the public in a store front you can ask people to sign up for the newsletter or company rewards program when they check out.  You can even offer a raffle at the trade show where they have to include their name and email to qualify for a chance to win a prize that is drawn at the end of the show.

Make use of your imagination when using hard copy methods to build your email list. Email addresses gathered from most trade shows are not as effective as those gathered online.