Social Media: How To Use The “New Buzz” In Your Business Today

Social Media BuzzSocial Network Marketing is the new buzzword for marketing professionals and companies trying to cash in on the mobile professionals who use the various social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. They are trying to push the products and services of those professionals onto those particular sites. For you, as a business owner, to try and create the buzz on your company via Twitter could take several months as you learn the ins and outs of gaining followers and getting them to gain additional followers for you that actually notice your “Tweets”.

Social network marketing has to be much more subtle and entertaining than any traditional marketing plan. Social network marketing is a completely different kind of environment than traditional product marketing. If you don’t speak the language of Twitter and other social networking sites using a social marketing agency or a web marketing agency with social networking experience to handle your program will be a great benefit for you. They can provide excellent results in a relatively short period of time. The members of most social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are not interested in regular commercial pitches via “Tweets”.

There is a new division of Salton – the makers of George Foreman grills, Applica Consumer Products that has produced a filter water bottle for the general public under the brand name of Clear2Go.  This bottle has a filter that is good for up to one hundred gallons before changing.  This will keep as many as 757 plastic water bottles out of landfills.  To get the word out they have set up social networking sites on Facebook and MySpace and are using Twitter in a very interesting way.

Lance Armstrong, of Tour de France fame, endorses both the Clear2Go filter water bottle and the Clear2o filter pitchers.  Applica is running a “Win a Ride With Lance” promotion to drive even more awareness with the public.  Lance has almost one and a half million followers on Twitter and unlike most people with many followers they actually take the time to check his Tweets out on a regular basis.  Applica’s social marketing agency has set it up so that Lance will Tweet on the opening of the promotion and on the day it opens on Facebook as well.  In a recent Tweet from Lance he posted that he was going to ride at 5:30 pm at a local park in Dublin, Ireland the next day.

Over 1000 people showed up to ride with Lance and the police blocked the park off so that more wouldn’t come.  He rode for two hours, signed autographs and had many pictures taken while riding.  If you can get a social marketing agency to use Twitter and Facebook to this extent imagine the revenue your social marketing campaign can generate.