Wasting 20% of Your Web Traffic?

I have clients that range from non-profit foundations to pharmaceutical companies to plumbers and roofers.  I found that all of them get about 15-20% of their traffic from searchers using mobile devices.  I would have expected some to have much higher numbers than others.  Obviously, if you are locked our of your car, you will probably use a mobile device to find a locksmith so I expected the numbers to be relatively high.  But that is not the case, at least today.

There are now more mobile phones in the world than TV’s and that number is growing.  As the number of phones increases, so will the usage.  Data rates are cheaper than they used to be and more people of all generations are getting in the habit of using their phones for everything:  Navigation, pictures, alarms, internet and, oh yeah, you can still call people on your phone.

Incredibly, only about 2% of business owners have a mobile version of their website.  Google has stated a preference for showing a mobile site to a mobile searcher over a highly ranked site without a mobile version of their website.  Converting a site for mobile devices is easier than ever.  Plus, cool features are available like “Click to Call” where you push a button and the number is dialed.  Texting, viewing menu’s and much more is becoming common.

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