Google Rolls Out Panda 4.0 May 20, 2014

Google 4.0 rolloutMatt Cutts from Google has announced the release of a new version of their Google Panda algorithm, version 4.0. This announcement was made through a post on Google+ as well as from Google’s Matt Cutts on Twitter. According to the announcement, there will be a slow rollout of the update that will go on for about a week or so before all the changes have been effected. Google Panda penalizes sites with poor or shallow content from getting high rankings on its search engine.

Ever since 2012 when Google started their regular monthly updates there have been no major announcements on any improvement or changes to the Panda algorithm. The fact that they have done it this time must mean that this is a bigger update.

The Panda 4.0 has to be a major update to the last algorithm as opposed to just a data refresh as was the case with the monthly rolling updates. This marks a significant adjustment to how Panda identifies and gives scores to sites and their content.

Sources in Google suggest that this is a kinder Panda algorithm. This update also gives a suggestion of the direction that Google will be taking with the future adjustments. Those sites damned by the previous algorithm may have the chance to rise from the ashes. While it may be advantageous to some, this may not necessarily be the case for all. Other sites may experience penalties from this new version. The effect this adjustment has on such sites may be visible in few days to come. Sites that experience major changes to their traffic numbers may be as a result of the latest update.

Below are the previous confirmed Panda updates. We have taken the liberty of naming them according to the order in which they have happened with the major changes also called out with their AKA names:

Panda Update 1, AKA
Panda 1.0, 02/24/2011
Panda Update 2, AKA
Panda 2.0, 04/11/2011
Panda Update 3, 05/10/2011
Panda Update 4, 06/16/2011
Panda Update 5, 07/23/2011
Panda Update 6, 08/12/2011
Panda Update 7, 09/28/2011
Panda Update 8 AKA
Panda 3.0, 10/19/2011
Panda Update 9, 11/18/2011
Panda Update 10, 01/18/2012
Panda Update 11, 02/27/2012
Panda Update 12, 03/23/2012
Panda Update 13, 04/19/2012
Panda Update 14, 04/27/2012
Panda Update 15, 06/9/2012
Panda Update 16, 06/25/2012
Panda Update 17, 07/24/2012
Panda Update 18, 08/20/2012
Panda Update 19, 09/18/2012
Panda Update 20 , 09/27/2012
Panda Update 21, 11/5/2012
Panda Update 22, 11/21/2012
Panda Update 23, 12/21/2012
Panda Update 24, 01/22/2013
Panda Update 25, 03/15/2013
Panda Update 26 AKA
Panda 4.0, May 20, 2014
Panda Update 27 AKA
Panda 4.1, Sept. 25, 2014

As you can see most of the updates were back in 2012 with last year having very few updates. While there may have been unannounced releases, this list only includes those that have been confirmed by Google.  To see how your site can get to page 1 of Google, contact us today or call Jeff at 678-520-9925