‘7th Heaven’ star Stephen Collins exposed himself to young girls, report says

The headline “‘7th Heaven’ star Stephen Collins exposed himself to young girls, report says” shows up #1 in Google for the keyword “Stephen Collins” in Google Trends.  How does that relate to SEO?

Google Trends is a useful tool so see what people are searching for online.  Sure, it’s great to see what the hot stories of the day are, but it’s also helpful when checking to see what people are searching for in your industry.  For example, if you’re selling drug testing kits online, you may want to know if your prospects are searching for meth, cocaine or cannabis, or perhaps a new drug that is just catching on.  If you see a steady trend for long period time, it’s a good indicator of a stable market.  And you may think twice about jumping into a market with a strong declining trend.

google trends exampleGoogle Trends can also help you target the right keywords.  In the chart to the left, you can see Marijuana is a more popular search term that Cannabis.  So this helps take the guess work out of keyword selection for SEO.  If you guess, and guess wrong, a significant amount of time and money can be wasted before you realize the results just aren’t what you had expected.

For most search terms, the data goes back to 2004.  Trends also includes some handy filters.  For example, you can filter by country and it’s possible to drill down further.  In the United States, search trends can be found for major cities if the search volume is high enough.

In our example, you can see the top states for the search term “meth drug test”, with Nevada being #1 in the USA for having the most searches google trends mapfor that keyword.  The rest of the top 10 list is also shown.

Finally, Google Trends will provide a list of related keywords which may also be good candidates for any SEO campaign. In this case, it looks like passing drug tests is a key concern since “pass drug test” is the top ranked related keyword.

pass drug testThe related keywords are good suggestions, but they are just a place to begin.  A competitive analysis is still necessary.  After all, it may be nearly impossible to get a page one ranking if your competition consists of many .gov, .edu and mega-authority sites such as WebMD, Wikipedia, etc.  Careful keyword selection and analysis is really the key starting point to any successful SEO campaign.

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