Tony Robbins SEO Guru?

TonyIs Tony Robbins motivating?  Sure.  SEO Guru?  Not so sure.  Actually, I’m positive he’s not.  In fact it sounds like Tony Robbins is running a really big SEO scam.

I’ve had two calls asking if I know who Tony Robbins is (of course I do), and if I’ve heard he’s offering to get you on the first page of Google for 300 (yes, three hundred) keywords in something like 3 days.  The cost is anywhere from $3,600 to $25,000.  Wow!  Not cheap, but people trust Tony Robbins… I used to, but not anymore.

To get on the first page of Google for some long, obscure, even good-sounding keywords that nobody searches for, and therefore have no competition, is no big feat.  You may be able to get there just with linking, but so what?  You won’t have any traffic to your site since nobody searches for those keywords.  $3,600 for that?  How about $25,000?  No thanks.

Getting on page one of Google for a keyword or search term that people are actually searching for usually requires good content, a bit of on-page SEO, link building and possibly some social buzz.  But before you even start, you need to know much competition there is.  If the competition consists of big, established, highly optimized sites with really good SEO, it will take more than 3 days to rank higher than they do.

But Tony Robbins doesn’t promise you will rank higher than the “big boys” for competitive keywords, he just promises a page one listing for 300 search terms.  For the uninitiated, the difference may not be obvious until you find out that being on page one isn’t really all that helpful.  Being in the top 3 on the search engine results page is what matters.  Listings 4 – 10 get less than 25% of the clicks – combined.  Is it worth paying $3,600 to $25,000 to be in positions 4 – 10 for obscure keywords with zero search volume?

Positional click-through percentage

The following graph shows the percentage of click-troughs the first 10 results of the Search Engine Listings receive:

Search Engine Results Click Through Rate

So should you fall for Tony Robbins scam?  Business owners need good advise and guidance to be successful.  Fleecing them for $3,600 to $25,000 can wipe out the marketing budget of a small company.  They eagerly anticipate the phone ringing, but nothing ever happens.  I’ve seen too many business owners get ripped off and it limits their potential to grow, affects their employees, service levels, salaries, and everything else related to their business.

Resist the lure of a quick fix.  A good SEO company starts with market research and develops a plan that includes a focused list of target keywords that have the highest potential to deliver the best ROI for their client.  Good content should include the keywords, and the site requires links from good sites, not sites that could be banned as a span site next month causing you to lose all your links (something that happens all too often).

It won’t take a good SEO too long to get good rankings for keywords with significant traffic, but 3 days is crazy talk.  If your SEO can explain what is needed and why, and it sounds reasonable to you, then you may be in good hands.  If they say anything about 300 keywords in 3 days, hang up the phone quick as you can.

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